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Archive and restore a document

You can archive a document that is no longer in use. The document will be in the archive and is possible to restore if you want to start using it again.

You need to have the permission to archive to be able to archive a document. A user with permision to archive can also restore archived documents. Only users with permission to archive douments can see the archived documents.

When a document is archived, it will be disconnected to the roles and no reminders for revision or reading will be sent.

A restored document will have the same author, verifier and approver as when the document was archived. A restored document is not connected to any roles.

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Archive a single document:

  • Select document from the folder structure
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Select archive

Archive one or more documents:

  • Select the wanted documents by ticking the boxes in front of the document titles in the folder structure
  • Select archive

If you want to see the archived documents in a folder you click Archived on the top right. The archived documents will appear in the folder with a weak writing.

You can open and read an archived document.

Restore an archived document

  • Select the archived document
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Select Restore

Now the document is active again. 

Add the document to roles again.

Restore one or more archived documents

  • Select the wanted documents by ticking the boxes in front of the document titles
  • Select Restore

Search for archived documents

Select Include archived

Use the advanced search to include archived documents in the search

Select the search parameters and the search will include also archived documents

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