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Give feedback on a document

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Everyone who reads a document can give a feedback to the document. This can be improvement proposals for issuses in the documents that are not clear, missing or wrong. Or it can simply be postive feedback.

You find the feedback function at the bottom of a INOSA-document.

  • Write directly into the text field.
  • Use shift + enter to change line
  • Mark text to formate the text

The feedback will go by e-mail to the author, verifier or approver or all of them depending of the setup in the administration tool.

All feedbacks will follow the document version and will be possible to read for everyone who reads the document.

You can reply on a feedback that's already there or you can make a new one.

To give a feedback on message-, URL-, uploaded documents and quizzes:

  • Select the document in the document folder

  • Click on the 3 dots

  • Select Settings

  • Select Feedback

  • Add the feedback, or reply to another feedback.

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