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General site settings:

  • Background logo color: select background logo color by clicking on the square.

  • Site logo: Add your company logo to the site by clicking on the INOSA logo. 
    Select file

  • Site name: add your company's name to the system by writing over INOSA AS

  • Which special user is allowed: select if public user or guest user is allowed or none of them. You can only choose one of them.

    Public user: The user is a member of the permission group "Public" and can see documents without logging in. If you want to share a document or deviation, action, the document need to have the permission "public user". 
    The public user is only available for asp-solutions.
    Guest user: The guest user is a member of the the permission group "All users".
    If "guest user" is enabled, anyone who open the INOSA-application can see approved documents with the permission "guest user" without logging in. 

    The difference between the public user and the guest user is the permission group.
  • Allow custom colors: Decide if it should be allowed to use custom colors or a standard set of colors.

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