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Add and remove roles for user

You can add or remove roles to a user from the user or from the role.

From the user: add many roles to one user

From the role: add many users to one role

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Add roles to one user

  • Select the user from the Company user view
  • Click on action menyu (3 dots)
  • Select Edit
  • Select the Roles tab
  • Find the wanted roles from the tree structure. You can search for roles by using the search field.
  • Default roles are automatically added
  • Select the wanted roles (selected roles get bold) and click on the arrow →.
    You can select many roles in one operation.
  • Click "Update roles"

Add many users to one role

  • Select the role from the Competence view
  • Select Add users
  • Select the users from the department tree
  • Click "Add user(s)
  • You can see which users have the role by selecting the Users in role - tab 

Remove roles from user(s)

From user (department/user): 

  • Select the user in the department / user view
  • Edit user
  • Select Roles
  • Remove role(s) by selecting the trash bin
  • Update roles

From Role (Competence):

  • Select role
  • Select Users in Role tab
  • Select "Disconnect"

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