RamBase QMS User guide

Manage HSE symbols

The HSE symbols in the system are from ISO 7010, CLP and Live-saving rules (IOGP).

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The HSE symbols are organized in groups.

You can add a new group of symbols or you can add a symbol to an existing group.

Add a new group

  • Select the "+"
  • Select "Create group"

  • Add title

The group is now ready for use. You can edit or delete it by selecting group and then the 3 dots.

Add a new symbol

The symbol need to be in .svg or .png formate

  • Select the wanted group for the symbol
  • Click on the "+"
  • Select "Create new symbol in group"

  • Add title for the symbol
  • Select file from folder on your computer
  • SAVE

  • You can edit or remove symbol you have added by clicking on the symbol.

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