RamBase QMS User guide

Add attachments to deviations

Attachments possible to add to deviation or action:

  • Media
  • Files
  • URL
  • Documents in INOSA

Who can add attachments:

  • The person who registrates the deviation or action
  • All users with the permission to process deviations or be responsible for an action
  • System administrator

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The attachment field is at the bottom of a deviation or an action.

Attachments will show in the attachment field:

Add media

  • Select Add media
  • Select media form the meda library. If the media is not there, you can upload it.
  • Media added this way and not in the description field, cannot be edited with arrows, cirkles etc but are added like they are.

Upload file

Select upload file and select the file from your PC


  • Select Add URL
  • Write the name of the URL
  • Write (or paste) the URL
  • Save

Add existing document

  • Select Add existing document
  • Select the wanted document from the INOSA document library
  • The document needs to be approved to be attached

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