RamBase QMS User guide

Create deviation from mobile device

Write the adress: "site-name".inwork.no/dna-mobile/ on the mobile device

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Log in 

Log in with your username and password.

You can select rembember me for easy access next time

Select Login

Register deviation

  1. Click on the + og select folder and then +
  2. Write the deviation title
  3. Add description and click on the check mark (v) 

  4. Add media

    Add image directly (click on the green check mark)

    Or choose from the media library

    Or choose to Add media (Ta bilde)

  5. Select repsonsible person 

    Change time, type or folder if you want

  6. Save the deviation - use the save button

  7. Send the deviation
    The devaiton is now sent to repsonsible person.
    You can add categories, consequences etc. from the PC version.

Open a deviation

  • Select the folder and find the deviation
  • Swipe the deviation to the right
  • Click on the edit pen to edit

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