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Create role and role requirement

A role is built up by requirements and / or documents. The requirements are built up by documents. You can add a document directly to a role if you want.

It is possible to use the same requirement in many roles.

A document can be added to many roles or many requirements.

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How to create a role with requirements and documents

  • (1) Select Admin tools

  • (2) Select Competence

  • Select department or add it directly under "Internal"for the role
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Add role

  • Type the name of the role
  • Decide if the role should be default for the department. This means that all users in the department and underlying departments will have this role automatically.


  • Select the role
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Select Add requirement or 
  • Select Add document

Add document to requirement:

  • Select requirement
  • Click 3 dots
  • Add documents

  • Select the wanted documents from the document folders
  • You can add documents from different folders in one operation. You can add documents with any status (under construciton, for verification, for approval, approved), but only approved documents will be visible for the users with the role.

You can now see how the role is built up by clicking on the role.

You can edit read frequency, read within days and notification by email for each document by clicking 3 dots and "Properties".

You can disconnect a document from a role by clicking 3 dots and Disconnect.

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