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Add co-signing to a document

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Co-signing means that the document has to be signed by someone in addition to the user. This can be a manager or a person responsible for training. The user will not get approved (green) for the role before both persons have signed.

  • Select the role where the document is attached
  • Select the document
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Select Properties

  • Select co-signing
  • Select the person who shall co-sign the document. For a person to appear on the list of co-signers, he has to have the co-signer/wiki/spaces/IQE/pages/48988197.
  • Save

Conditional co-signing

Conditional co-signing means that a person that shall co-sign only shall co-sign for users in the same and underlying departments as him- or herself. 

  • Select 2 or more co-signers
  • Select "Conditional co-signing"
  • Save

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