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Edit read frequency, read within days and read notification for a document

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Read within days and read notification for a document is set by default in the administraton tool, variables.

You can set read frequency, read within days and read notification for a single document. These settings will be valid for that spesific role.

This means that you can have different read frequency for the same document depending on which role it is connected to.

  • Select the role (and requirement) where the document is connected
  • Select the document
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Select Properties (actions)
    • Read within: how many days should i be from the user changes status from yellom to red for that document
    • Read frequency: If the document should be read frequently, set months here
    • Notify by email: Select if the users shall get notification on e-mail when there has been a significant update of the document or frequent reading.
  • Save

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