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Send document to verification and approval

You verifiy a document by sending to approval after you have controlled that the content is OK.

You can send a documet to verification or approval from the document or from the document folder.

The procedure for sending a document to approval is the same as for verifying.

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Send a document to verification / approval from the document

  • The document must be in Read mode

  • Select Send to verification in the upper right corner

Send a document to verification / approval from the document folder

  • Select document

  • Click on 3 dots

  • Select send to verification

  • Select verifier (start writing the name)

  • Decide if you want a reminder or not (this means that the verifier or apporver gets a reminder every 15 days until he/she has done something with the document)

  • Decide the number of reminder days if you want a reminder to be sent

  • Write a message to the verifier if you want - this message will come in the e-mail to the verifier and only there

  • Write what is changed in the changelog

  • SEND

You can also send a document back to the author in stead of verifying or approving the document

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