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Save and reuse a flow model

The models are located in a parallel library to the documents.
It may be okay to use the model library when:
  • You have large models that require a some work surface
  • You will be reusing a model
When you create a model in a document, it is not automatically saved in the model library . You must actively save it to be placed there.
If you make a change in a model that is in a document and that you have retrieved from the library, the changes will only take place in the document. The model in the library is not updated.

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When you have made a flow model you can save it and reuse it.

  • Click on 3 dots
  • Save as

  • Select folder
  • Click on the "+"
  • Add name
  • The model is now saved in the model library

Reuse a flow model

  • Select "Add model" in a media frame from a INOSA document
  • Select import model
  • Select model from folder by clicking on it
  • Now you can use the model as it is or edit it.
  • If you edit the model in the document the model in the library will NOT update. If you want to update the model in the library you have to save it again (save as).

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