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Create a flow model

You can create a flow model directly into a INOSA document or from the model library.

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Create flow model in a INOSA document

  • Select media frame and hoover the mouse over the flow model symbol
  • Add model

  • Choose the objects from the menu.

  • When you have added an object, a new menu will appear

  • Write text in an object just by clicking in it
  • Formate the text by marking it
  • Resize or move an object by draging it
  • Copy an object by using the copy symbol - all formates will be copied
  • Add link. An object that is linked will have a link symbol. It is possible to hide the link symbol (for all).

Arrows and lines

  • Click on the object you want to connect from, the menu appears
  • Select the connect symbol 
  • Drag the connect symbol to the object you want to connect to. Choose one of the x-es to connect.
  • Drag the line to move it
  • Edit the arrow or line, click on the line and a menu appears. 
    • Change color
    • Remove arrow head
    • Make dotted line


  • Use the swimlanes to describe responsibilities or group the processes.


  • Select 2 or more items by marking the field or clicking the items (ctrl+click item)
  • Align

Move to front / back

Select a object to move to front or back

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